Thursday, November 27, 2008


Which of the Igbo traditions you think they should still retain and preserve even amid modernization?

I think the system of SHARE-CROPPING should still be observed in the Igbo tribe most especially nowadays that capitalism and competition are very much affecting the moral and social responsibility of workers and businessmen because of modernization. Share-cropping teaches farmers to be cooperative and, at the same time, empathetic with the difficult situation of fellow farmers. This is something that not only the Filipinos but the whole world, should learn--the value of helping our fellowmen (especially in times of crisis) instead of bring them down just to gain superiority.


PoisonedRose said...

Yes, I believe share-cropping would teach us lots of values and even lessons in life that books alone cannot teach. It strengthens camaraderie, exercises perseverance and respect with one another. And in our times wherein these characteristics are now slowly depleting, this would be a very good tradition noteworthy of preserving and maintaining throughout. ~Jeline II-2

3xie said...

i would be the...week of that their life will be so peacefully and no wars can occur..:> -trixie ocampo II-1

leng said...

Share-cropping can help farmers be cooperative,gain teamwork, and perseverance.

-ellaine bernardino II-3

Bea L. said...

Share cropping is a good idea not only for farmers but to everyone as well. it teaches us how to cooperate with others and socialize with them as well.